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Teterina Olga
Matchmaker and Founder of Vip Match agency.

    Did I wake up one day and made a decision that I'm a matchmaker? - No. The way of becoming a cupid was long and not so easy. 

    The beginning of my story was pretty similar with many other stories of owners of the dating agencies. In 2013 I was offered a job as a translator in a dating agency. Being a 21 years old student I accepted the job without hesitation. At that period I didn't think that I would build my career in this sphere. But with each date that I translated I realized that it's not a translation anymore. I help couples understand each other and build a relation as I was in touch with them after all those dates and even after men returned home. The moment one of those couples got married with my help, I realized that it's my vocation. 

    After working in different agencies, I found out that I have a totally different approach to work and I needed to open my own agency. 

    So I changed everything and  I opened my office, my website, hired my own people and started working in my own way. This is how my matchmaking agency VIP Match was born. And in 2019 we had  3 couples get married, 4 get engaged and it's hard to count how many couples have already started a serious relationship.

    I put my soul, strength and heart into this project. It's already 8 years since I started my journey. I can't believe it at all. Even though life gives us new difficulties in the form of a pandemic and quarantine, but our team manages to continue active work and introduce couples. No difficulties will make us quit our work, because our mission is to acquaint people from all over the world and see how they put rings on their fingers and look at each other with love.

    What can be better then realizing we bring best benefit to a society -  a possibility to find your love thousands of miles away?

Grishechko Liliya
Administrator and community manager. She helps set up your dates!

If someone asks me  who is the most responsible person on this planet, I will answer you that is my administrator Lily.⠀


Lily is hyperresponsible person. She is working with clients, both males and females.

She sends you questionnaires to fill out, keeps in touch with you, shows matches and organizes dates.


Lily has 4 years experience of working in dating sphere. She has started her carrier in our agency during pandemic and became a reliable member of our team. 


Manukyan Kristina

Client's manager.

Kristina has a huge experience in a dating sphere. 


She helps in matching couples and  set up your on line and off line dates!

Kristina also works with male and female clients.

She will give you best tips how to win woman's heart and build healthy relationships.

Every year we do our best to improve our work!

This year founder and matchmaker at Vip Match agency Teterina Olga has completed the course "Cupid-begginer".

"Studying and improving myself are an integral part of my life. I'm extremely happy to have a possibility to attend this course and to meet people offline. I really hope that the era of zoom will end soon.."

IDate conference 2019

In May 2019 our team attended the dating industry conference IDate. The conference is attended by owners and senior executives in the internet dating and matchmaking market. Topics explored include: background checks, alternative payment systems, business strategies, mergers, acquisitions, legislation, funding, traditional marketing, specialized a.i. applications, mobile & wireless technology, dating software, matchmaking software, and new developments.

In 2017 We attended our first dating international conference

"It was interesting experience that inspires me to open my own agency. So in 2018 my dream came true and I'm really proud of that.I put in a lot of effort to get it done!" Says Olga.

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